Go Scalloping in Steinhatchee, Florida with Captain Mike Duttenhaver of Reel Song Fishing Charters

Looking for an offbeat activity to variegate your summer vacation? Grab your snorkeling gear and go scalloping! It has got it all: a spirit of adventure, quirky treasure hunt and a fine dive.

Each year, more and more people discover scalloping, a fun and the same time useful activity of collecting scallops. Mollusks thrive from June to September, and the scalloping season usually opens with the first days of July. So you can start drafting a plan of your unbelievable summer journey. To get the most out of it, make sure to choose the best destination option and speaking of which, Steinhatchee, Florida is certainly on the list of top picks.

A small town of Steinhatchee is a cozy picturesque spot in Florida's Gulf Coast Big Bend area. It is famous for great fishing sites and sincere ambient atmosphere, organically welded with conveniences of modern era. Here, one can find eye-gladdening waterfront homes, blooming gardens, amazing waterscapes and perfect conditions for numerous aquatic species to prosper. Vast marshlands of the region narrow down the freshwater runoff, and in this way scallops, requiring stable salinity indexes, can truly flourish.

Once you have ventured on scalloping, you plunge to the depth of 4-6 feet. Will you find any scallops there? Of course! As a matter of fact, the trophy package will include way more unforgettable impressions: sandy patches, grass flats, sea horses, crabs, starfish and other wonders of the blue. Underwater exploration will not only entertain you, but calm your mind and tranquil your soul. That's exactly why Steinhatchee is known to be “The best kept secret of Florida”. Never heard that? Well, it may be the right time to see for yourself.

Another nickname Steinhatchee has been awarded with is “Sportsman’s Paradise”. Obviously, in this case we are dealing with all kinds of enjoyable aquatic exercises. Scalloping is one of them, counterpartying with an abundance of opportunities for fishing and leisure. All these things turn this Old Florida fishing town into a perfect family destination.

Scalloping doesn't require any advanced hi-tech equipment, and a very basic set of dive gear will do. Still, there are certain nuances to keep in mind in order to ensure the best experience ever. The weather is the first factor to remember about. Sometimes it can be capricious and change frequently. It’s also absolutely necessary to know the area well, so you are safe, sound, and happy about your catch. There are also a couple of simple legal rules to follow (e.g. saltwater fishing license). Scalloping charters make these things come easy and with no quality compromises.

Captain Mike Duttenhaver of Reel Song Fishing Charters  have definitely gained the ground of good reputation in this industry. Guys like him know all about scalloping, amalgamating every integral part of the activity into something bigger; into what we know as “the ultimate experience”. This concept is perfectly applicable to both scalloping and Steinhatchee, matter-of-factly.
Once they go together, you go scalloping to never forget this day of your life. And you can make it even better, inviting your family and friends to join you, as it’s a good-for-all kind of leisure.

In short, we can say for sure: if you feel like broadening your summer perspectives, scalloping in Steinhatchee, Florida is awaiting you and if you feel like wanting a head start, how about Booking your trip with Captain Mike Duttenhaver today.